Apple iPhone 4 sold out, pre-orders pushed back to July

June 16, 2010 – 4:47 pm | by omer

The Apple Phones magical and revolutionary iPhone 4G has been sold out from the UK and US market that Apple iPhone 4 pre orders are pushed back to month of July this year 2010.  Apple 4g iPhone Pre orders seems to be delayed as 4g iPhone apple was selling like anything in the market. The demand of the Apple’s fourth generation smartphone is so high that all pre-orders of the iPhone were sold out. The in advance orders of the iPhone made on 15th June will be shipped in the end of this month 24th June, 2010.

For the US and UK online store Apple’s customer s will get their pre-orders of 4g apple iPhone by July. It shows delay in the shipment of iPhone’s as compare to its original date of shipment. It is assumed that the Apple smartphones pre-orders delivery date will be further pushed back due to high demand.  The demand of the iPhone was so high that the customers of AT&T face issues in ordering the 4g iPhone apple online. According to the AT&T, as the 15th June was the busiest online sale day for iPhone Apple.

On the US Apple website, the shipment date July has been clearly written next to the price tag and it applies for both Apple iPhone 16 GB and iPhone 32GB models. Demand for the Apple smartphone is also very strong in Asia , where apple 4g Iphone lovers stands in long queues in attempt to ensure Apple iPhone delivery in time. Regardless the high demand and rush, Apple has decided to reserve stock for walk in customers.


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