Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Youtube Websites monitor for anti-Islamic content

June 27, 2010 – 10:55 pm | by omer

Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Youtube all of the social web portals are monitored by PTA authority for sacrilegious materials. The directives have been issued by government of Pakistan to the concern authorities to monitor the seven social networking web sites like including Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and YouTube, block the links that contains the blasphemous and anti-Islamic contents.

On Saturday the government committee issued orders to Pakistan Telecommunication authority to monitor the websites and evaluate this social networking website with respect to anti-Islamic content. Apparently, the government committee decided to block 17 lesser known web sites and monitor seven websites that are very well known in the social networking area. Government committee also told concern authorities that informational sites for students should not be blocked.

The episode of blocking YouTube, Yahoo, and Google websites was carried out in lieu of High court order issued by the Bahawalpur bench. High court ordered PTA to block access of 24 social web sites with immediate effect as they are showing contents (blasphemous and sacrilegious contents) that are against the Islamic norms and values.



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