Microsoft will not Offer any kind of Support to Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP2

An alert for users of Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 is that they will not get any kind of support in case of any problem from Microsoft. The people who are still using Windows XP SP2 need to upgrade their service pack to SP3. But if they don’t want to leave SP 2 then they get a chance of limited troubleshooting from Microsoft via April revision of Microsoft Support Lifecycle Service Pack Support Policy. But the customer who are using service pack prior to April revision for them Microsoft don’t provide any kind of support and assistance

As far as Windows 2000 is concerned it has already crossed the extended support phase that’s why the user of it will not get any assistance from Microsoft support centre. The support is not guaranteed whatever the severe issue is apparent.. There are some machines that are integrated with Windows 2000 operating system right now but when there is no supporting hand from Microsoft these machines definitely all these  need to upgrade to some advance and latest version of operating system.

So it is the right time to upgrade your Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP2 pack to modern and up-to-the-minute versions. The sooner is the better!

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