Download Google Chrome Beta 6

Google one of the largest search engine giant, that has just improved its Chrome Web browser by enhancing its features. Google Chrome is now simpler in its features and more easy to use. The speed of Chrome Web Browser has become more fast and quick which will help people in searching their desired websites easily. Google browser has simplified the features of its chrome web browser and also has boosted its page-load speed.

Google web browser chrome is now more packed with a lot of useful add-ons in order to facilitate people during their browsing experience. Everybody was waiting for the latest beta release of Google Chrome Web Browser due to its amazing new features.

Speed Boosts

Google Web Browser Chrome Beta 6 is fully packed with great speed boosts. Chrome Web Browser is challenging other web browsers with its impressive and unique download speed.  According to the Google Chrome blog, Chrome hits a 15 % speed improvement on the V8 benchmark, and a 15 % improvement on the Sun Spider benchmark. Both standards show the wonderful performance of JavaScript application. According to Google, Chrome Web Browser is also improved by 64 % on Mozilla’s Dromeao DOM Core Tests.

On the contrary of most of the companies of search engines, which used to claim that their Web Browsers are the fastest browsers on the market, Google does not declare that its latest Chrome Web Browser is the fastest browser among all those are available in the market. For example, when Opera 10.5 was released in the market in March, it was claimed as the fastest browser available. But soon after Apple declared its Safari 4 Beta to be the fastest on the market — a claim that was later shot down by test proofs, same the case with Internet Explorer 9 (often the slowest of all web browsers), which claimed to beat everyone in HTML5 tests. So, we can say that it is difficult to declare any one of the Web Browsers to be the fastest. That is the reason; people usually have downloaded a number of Web Browsers onto their computers.

Download Chrome Web Browser Beta 6

Chrome Web Browser Beta 6 is now available to download. In order to download you can go on the link below:

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