Internet Explorer 9 soon available but not run on Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft, one of the biggest software Giant has recently announced the upcoming beta version of its Web Browser, Internet Explorer 9. It will be soon available for people to download. Microsoft software manufacturing company has announced the releasing date of its amazing and remarkable Web Browser, Internet Explorer 9, beta version, which is September 15th according to its schedule.

Internet Explorer 9 is arriving in the market in couple of weeks but People uses Microsoft Windows XP, will not able to run Internet Explorer 9 on their systems, as Explorer 9 will not run on Windows XP, it will only run on Windows 7 or Vista. And the fact is that 68% of Microsoft users currently use Windows XP. So they will have to download Windows 7 or Vista in order to run Microsoft Web Browser, IE9.

Microsoft upcoming Web Browser, Internet Explorer 9, beta version, was first announced in March. The preview for IE9 is now available for download from