Google is going to test the Full-Featured Version of Google Apps

Google is testing the full-featured version of Google Applications service. According to report , it is highlighted that last week Google send invitations to some selected Google App user  with the subject to give a try to latest version of its service  in which  there comes normal Google services just as Google Calendar , Gmail etc

Right now, Google is offering two types of its App service ; one is free and other is paid premium edition and interestingly  the users of both types of service are numerous. It is a  fact  that the features you get in Google individual products like in Gmail , Google chrome , Google maps etc are more in comparison of Google App service. You may not the Google Voice integration into the Google Application but again I must say that this service is quite popular as there are number of users who subscribe for monthly service of Google products.

At this time Google is testing “Trusted Testers” that is a Full-featured version of Google application . We expect that this version will be rolling out among all the users by the end of this year. With the mean of this version the users are able to access many Google products such as Blogger, Reader, AdWords, Picasa, and more.

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