Google Instant

September 14, 2010 – 10:44 am | by omer

Google Instant had been announced by Google Search giant, last week. The Google Instant product will speed up the internet search engine as showing the search results as user’s type in queries. Google Instant will be available online this week and available to all mobile devices at the end of this month, September 2010. According to Google, the Google Instant will speed up the search process and it will save time in between two to five seconds per search. However, it reduces the over all search time that improves the efficiency for everyone.

Google new product Google Instant changes the search scenario all together. Users just have to type the initial letters of the word and Google will do the rest for you. Google Search engine help the users with the suggestions, related to the searched word. For example, if you are searching for Apple iPhone on Google Search, by just typing Apple the search engine will come up with suggestions like Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and more. You just have to select the relevant search or one can select something interesting pops up. To avail the Google Instant feature, you have to write the query from Google’s Homepage not from the Google Search Bar available with most browsers nowadays.

Google Search Engine optimizers are not happy with new Google product Google Instant. As it changes the algorithms as google has went through massive changes. The core search technology is still the same, so Search Engine Optimisers (people who take money from people to get their sites to the top of the Google’s Ranking) have nothing to worry about.


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