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October 1, 2010 – 8:43 pm | by Talal

KNBC 4 News live online. Watch free online KNBC News Channel 4 live. KNBC 4 News is a 24 hour live news channel affiliated to NBC News Company. KNBC 4 News live TV channel is currently based in U.S and is owned by NBC Universal.

KNBC 4 News was first launched in 1949 and it was started off by the name of KNBH, which was supposed to be NBC Hollywood. Orignally KNBC started live news broadcast through radio and later it went on to TV and online streaming.

KNBC 4 News has faced a lot of tough competition from other local live news channels but it has done extremely well to compete against them. Some of the famous KNBC 4 News live programs include:

  • Ford News
  • Coca-cola News
  • News 4
  • KNBC News Service
  • News 4 L.A
  • The ChannelĀ 4 News
  • News Center 4

Now watch free KNBC 4 News live online right here and get news updates from U.S and other parts of the world.



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