Google Cutting Costs with Free VoIP Calls Courtesy of Gmail

October 3, 2010 – 12:06 am | by omer

The world is growing fast and everything now a day has an alternative that will be swift and less expensive compared to its former version. Here Google has introduce one such cost effective strategy gmail free voice calls feature with which one can save large sums of money and with no hassle at all. No matter which part of the world you are located, making long distance calls just for price.

Google the search giant has offered a simple solution,make a Google Voice Account and make and receive as many free long distance calls as you please via gmail. People doing small scale businesses can save significant amount of money which can be invested to help grow their business.

Skype is one other network through which you are able to make free long distance calls but it requires both sides using Skype whereas through Google gmail calling feature you can make direct calls to mobile and Land line numbers anywhere. Nothing is perfect. With lots of advantages that we receive there are certain inconveniences that come along. In a very few cases the Google voice quality has shown to be a little disruptive, and in such cases you might have to cancel the call and reconnect and talk undisturbed.With the convenient and economical service that Google has offered, this one hitch can be overlooked.


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