Google Instant Now in India

The world’s biggest search engine Google has launched Google Instant in India. Google Instant is a new and innovative way of exploring that makes search more collaborative and facilitates users to get more information more swiftly and effortlessly. It allows its users to engage in Voice Chat and send instant messages to friends. It is as simple to use as Google search.

There’s no confusion, no pop-ups and no redundant software’s needed to be installed. All you need is a Gmail account to use Google Talk. Gmail at present is in beta mode, the final version will be released soon. You can also access your Gmail Inbox and notifications for new Gmail messages from the Google Talk interface. Other features include accessing the Google Talk service and exchange of instant messages using other clients that support the standard XMPP protocol, such as GAIM. Google Talk is not limited to a few software’s but can work across any firewall or NAT.

Windows OS at present only supports Google Talk.