Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS Not for Tablets

Microsoft mobile phone was undoubtedly the center of attention the entire week for its Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 devices are have already become popular in the Market in comparison to its predecessors. However there are analysts who are not so hopeful about the prospects of Microsoft’s Mobile Devices in the days to come.

According  Microsoft software manufacturing company, it is at present keeping away the Windows Phone 7 operating system from the tablet sphere because they are not intended for big-screen devices. This does not mean that its an end for Microsoft in the Tablet terrain, Windows 7 OS will be used for their forthcoming merchandise and HP and Dell are set to work on the project. This will be a change from the usual Tablets.

Apple’s iPad and iPhone both have the iOS foundation , and Samsung’s forthcoming Tablet, Galaxy Tab will support an edition of Google’s Android mobile OS. Google pointed out that Froyo (manifestation of Android ) lacks the enhancement required for a tablet display .

Microsoft issued Reports which propose that a device called, Honeycomb will be developed exclusively for Tablets. It looks like that Tablet to Microsoft is more like a computer than a smartphone tool. No one can really predict the outcome of this Tablet, as it will be the first of its kind in the Market.

Google like Microsoft is said to be developing devices outside the mainstream. So there is surely going to be some variety in the Market in the near future`

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