Microsoft’s Office ribbon hits Mac

It was a moment of concern for the retailers when they found out that the similarities between the Apple and Windows editions. These similarities may prove to be two-pronged sword for Microsoft, for it will benefit the software company while at the same time bringing its market down against the Apple.

The users of new Microsoft Office 2011 and Apple Mac also encountered the most talked after ribbon interface introduced with Microsoft office 2007. This feature will particularly pose a problem for the business owners, software users and professionals. For IT professionals it will be extremely difficult to upgrade the Microsoft 2007 to 2010. While, 33 percent were concerned the applications of the office which were obsolete in the 2010 Office.

It should be noted here that the users encountered the same difficulties while transferring from Microsoft office 2003 to 2007. Up gradation from Microsoft 2007 to 2010 is not similar to that of 2003 to 2007. A survey conducted by Dell has showed that 49 percent of users will upgrade Microsoft 2010 on Windows 7 only. While the survey also showed that 6 percent users have up graded Windows 7 to their systems.