All this year we have been babbling about Apple iPhones, LG delights, Samsung hits, HTC to-die-for smartphone and a lot more. We have been crazy about them and you have been crazy about them. Let’s see which of them top our list for being the best smartphones of 2010. Here are our top favourites so far:

1. Nexus One

2. HTC desire

3. Sprint HTC Evo 4G

4. Motorola Droid X

5. Apple iPhone 4

6. T-Mobile HTC HD7

7. Nokia N8

8. Dell Venue Pro

9. Samsung Galaxy S

10 Samsung Epic 4G

11 HTC Desire HD & Desire Z

There are many more that not only have stylish and sleek looks but also come with amazing specs and mind blowing features. And many more are expected to get showcased by the end of 2010. It basically depends on one`s personal needs and style. No matter which smartphone you own, it is a treat. But it`s time to gear up for the dual core devices coming in 2011 as well. So stay tuned with us because future is on its way and you cannot afford to miss out on anything!

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