Xbox 360 has greater sales then PS3 from last 5 months

If we talk about gaming consoles than some names come to our mind which are Play Station , Xbox 360  and Nintendo Wii. And PlayStation is normally gets more sells then the other brands but the story is not same from last few months. October figures from the NPD groups shows that Microsoft is able to sell more Xbox 360 units in U.S than any other brand. And this trend is going on from last five months.325,000 units of Xbox 360 are sold during this time and on the other hand 25,000 units of PlayStation are sold and 232,000 units of Nintendo Wii were sold. Microsoft expects that the sales of Xbox will further boast in the coming year because of their new Kinect sensor which will bring a revolution in the gaming world.relationship advice for women


These strong sales of Xbox are because of the fact that 6 of the 10 most wanted games are available on Xbox. Games like Fable 3 and the Halo:Reach had great sales in October alone. Other reason of strong sales could because Microsoft was advertising Kinect from a long time so every was looking forward to use this amazing sensor so for that they had to buy Xbox 360.

Christmas is just one month away and because of that we can expect a good competition between PlayStation 3 Vs Xbox 360 and this year Xbox 360 has something new and yes its price is also reasonable because of the introduction of Xbox 360 Arcade which is only 5GB memory.