Acer Iconia , Dual-Touchscreen laptop will hit the stores on 15th January

Acer Iconia   is the latest laptop that has been announced by Acer.  Iconia is based on Microsoft’s Courier project. Acer manufactured it with the collaboration of Microsoft.  The stylish and modish Laptop Iconia is featured with dual touch screen , two 14-inch capacitive touchscreens and this is the feature that made is distinctive from other laptop of current era.

Acer Iconia is a booklet laptop-tablet hybrid device designed with touch-based interface instead of the traditional keyboard and mouse setup.  It is a portable toucsreen tablet having weight of 2.8kg. It is running on Windows 7 Home Premium.

You will find it somewhat different from the tablets of modern era such as Dell Streak Tablet as it is equipped with a journal-type interface. The basic  concept of this journal Type interface is to facilitate the users  to organize dynamically-updating web clippings, images, notes and other content in a very simple and easy manner; that’s mean it a

dd real comfort to your life. It can connect to a TV or third monitor using the HDMI port.

Other Features and Specifications of Acer Iconia Tablet:

  • Intel Core i5-480 chip
  • 4GB of RAM (par for the course on a Windows 7 machine)
  • 640GB storage
  • four-cell battery , may lasts after 3 hours
  • Connectivity Wireless N and 3G
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • One USB 3.0 port

Availability of Acer Iconia Notebook :

It will be available initially on 15th January in John Lewis stores, as well as Micra Anvika stores such as Harrods and Acer Experience Centres. While By the end of February, it will hit the  all other major retailers .

Price of Acer Iconia Laptop:

The price of Acer Iconia tablet will be £1,499.

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