HD Photographer: Enable Widescreen Photos On Your iPod Touch 4G

One of the new amazing features in iPod touch 4G is that it has a camera on its front and also in its back. With the back camera you can record HD videos but still the quality of the pictures with this camera is not that good. But we knew that jailbreak community would come up with a solution for better quality pictures with iPod touch 4G.

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dth=”300″ height=”300″ />So, with some of their tricks an app available in Cyndia called HD Photographer  allows you iPod touch 4G to take widescreen photos using its built-in camera app.

Well everything has some consciences and because of this app you lose the default 4:3 aspect ratio but I think you can face it for good quality pictures.This tweak increases the iPod touch 4G’s rear camera from 0.7 megapixels (960×720) to 1.0 megapixels (1280×720).

You will see no icon for this app as this app is activated automatically when you install it but there is a toggle in the camera app that lets you turn HD Photographer on and off.