HTC Tablet will be launched to take on the iPad

HTC Tablet rumors are now moving in the rumormill and we came to know that after getting  the tremendous success in mobile phone market HTC has a plan to make  the tablet. The aim behind launching the Acer tablet is to compete with the Apple iPad . If this rumor is true then we can say that it is really a good strategy by the HTC at this time when iPad is gaining popularity and HTC’s rival Apple got the wonderful achievement in tablet niche.

A month ago we came to know that HTC will launch its Chrome OS tablet but this was not happen as company directs all efforts for making the Android smartphones.Pocket Lint says:

It is claim Taiwanese components manufactures such as fishwives that the HTC tablet will be featured with Android 3.0. Although not confirmed yet we expect the launch of Google Android 3.0 soon.

Features and Specifications of HTC Android Tablet:

Here we get some un-official preliminary information about the specification and features of HTC Tablet and some detail also provided by DigiTimes' sources.

  • a Tegra 2 processor
  • a 1280 x 720 mu

    lti-touch panel

  • a 32GB solid state drive
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS for connectivity
  • Chrome Web Apps
  • Multimedia performance and Capability better than Apple iPad

It is also said that HTC Tablet will come with some interesting features. HTC's global PR boss Eric Lin said ,

the firm wasn't interested in me-too devices. “If we just release an Android tablet we're one of 81… whereas if we have a compelling feature, a really compelling use, anything like that, then it'll help us to stand out. It's going to take a lot of work searching for that.”

From this saying we get a hint that tablet will come with a free horse or a time machine or a slightly tweaked Sense UI but nothing is confirmed. The HTC Tablet is being manufactured by Pegatron.

HTC Tablet release date

It is said by Pocket lint that HTC tablet will arrive in the market in early 2011 may be in first quarter. While DigiTimes , Apple Daily says that HTC tablet will be shipped in the second quarter not in the first ; the reason is that Motorola is Google's priority for 3.0, LG will be priority for 3.5 and HTC follows on. we also expect the launch ViewSonic G tablet in the holiday season.

HTC Tablet Price

According to Digitimes report , the price of HTC Tablet may  be $789.75.  While Download Suad says that the HTC Tablet will launch on Verizon in the US with a price tag of zero depending on the tariff you choose. Some other  deals are likely here: we've already seen Three, T-Mobile and Orange offer


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