Samsung Galaxy Tab sales passes 1 million units

Samsung Galaxy Tab is perhaps the only other tablet which is near to the standards of iPad but still iPad sales are lot much more then Galaxy Tab but the device is impressive and it has much more features than the iPad. So, now Samsung has announced that in just only two months that the global sales of Galaxy Tab have surpassed 1million mark.

In competition with the Apple iOS, Samsung Galaxy Tab has Android 2.2 in it.The company hopes that the sales of the device would further increase with time and may increase its 2010 sales projections to 1.5 million units as a result.But the completion for the future would be really tough for Galaxy Tab because not only iPad 2G will be on its way soon but many other tablets are also emerging in the market.

The sales of the Samsung Galaxy S has picked up in the holidays.Well for those who don’t know about the specs of this device , it is an  Android-powered Galaxy Tab features a 7-inch touchscreen display, a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and dual cameras; and it is currently sold by 120 carriers in 64 countries.