Mac App Store launching on December 13th

You would remember in September in their media event Apple announced that just like an app Store of their iOS devices they would soon launch Mac App Store.And now Apple claims that Mac Ape Store is launching as early as 13th of this month.

An inside source has just told us that Apple is targeting a Monday, December 13th launch of the Mac App Store. The company apparently told developers to have their software prepared for a launch as early as Monday the 6th of this month, but our contact would be shocked if that happened at this point. Apple has made no official announcements regarding this, and delays could always happen, but there's a push to be launched before Christmas, well ahead of the previously estimated January release.

According to the source Steve Jobs is pushing the team for an early update and currently they are way ahead of the schedule.Another hint of the Mac App Store launch is that Apple had already asked developers to submit their apps for Mac App Store from early November.Also Apple is also expected to seed the update for Mac with Mac OS X 10.6.6 rolling out to developers as it would be required to have Mac App Store on your Mac.

The original schedule date for the launch of Mac App Store in late January but look like Apple is way ahead of their schedule.