Google’s Cr-48 Netbook Review. Looks Gorgeous, Ditches Caps-Lock

Google’s Chrome OS, announced Tuesday, comes along with a little something that makes us gadget-freaks pretty excited: the monolithic, plain-black Cr-48, an Atom netbook that will be shipped to selected developers and others as part of Google’s Chrome Pilot Program.

Just look at it. Normally Google’s wares are utilitarian but plain, if not plain ugly. THe Cr-48, though, is gorgeous, coming on more like a stealth-fighter than a low-powered laptop.

The Goog

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le Cr-48 laptop will be running Google’s Chrome OS, featuring a 12.1-inch screen and will be powered by the Intel Atom processor. The in depth review has everything you might want to read about the Chrome Cr-48 laptop but the gist of it is:

The Cr-48 may look like just any other laptop, but we can tell you right off the bat that it feels considerably better than most of those plastic netbooks sitting on store shelves right now. The entire body (that means the lid, edges, and the underside) is made of a soft, rubber-like matte black plastic — in fact, it feels a lot like the back of the Droid, though it feels a bit less rubbery

Well, this black beast is a gorgeous device with almost everything I dream of in a notebook, google says it can boot up in ten seconds, TEN SECONDS! Wow. It will give 8 hours of use on a single charge and there’s a webcam, the track pad looks like one of the giant pads found on Apple’s MacBooks, and the netbook ditches the hard drive for flash memory. After all, who needs a lot of storage in a cloud-based OS, especially when the machine packs a global 3G radio along with its Wi-Fi?

You know what’s best about it, google killed the CAPSLOCK key. Finally, someone realize how much torture this stupid key causes when it comes in contact with thumbs of DUMB PEOPLE. All in all the machine is gorgeous.