Nokia to launch dual-core smartphones, new Symbian UI in 2011

Recently Nokia announced that the launch of Nokia’s latest smartphone would be delayed. Not only Nokia has some plans to launch their new smartphone E7 in the coming future but Nokia has also some big plans about their Symbian OS of their smartphones. Nokia will roll out more than one updates in the coming year of Symbian touch OS.

A major c

hange is expected in the UI of the current Symbian as more like a slate UI would be designed or the future updates.Instead i giving the updates in big form Nokia things that it is better to give updates to the users in about 4 modules.Apart from having the new UI the new updates would be HTML 5 compatible so we expect good browsing experience with the new Nokia smart-phones.

Not only big software updates are expected with Nokia but some new amazing hardware upgraded smartphones are also expected to come next year.These new smartphones would have 1GHz processor to give it great speed , more graphics memory and it a true zoom camera.And with all this some phones would also have dual-core processors which sounds great.


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