WP7 rumors "Mango" and "Apollo" updates

Windows seven has been recieving a lot of attention lately. Also it has has been the centre of several rumors that are still circulating the internet. Some of these recent rumors are about “Mango” an update for WP7 and “Apollo” which is probably is the codename for WP8.

The latest rumors come in conjunction with smaller updates that may be announced at CES in early January.  According to Mary Jo Foley, the Mango update is expected to be much larger than the January/Fe

bruary update. It is explained that Mango will act more like WP7.5 which means that it will most likely bring new functionality to the table; Mango is expected to add Silverlight and HTML 5 support to WP7.

Not only this, news is that verizon and sprint is soon going to release WP7 at some point in January. Copy and paste feature that has been introduced in apple iOS for a long time, will also be introduced in WP7. Then there is still a rumored “after CES” second update arriving sometime during this spring. This again could bring side-loading of applications for developers and in corporate environments.

We can certainly hope for at least some of them to be true. At this point Microsoft should fasten up their pace and not let their OS be forgotten by the users.