BlackBerry PlayBook coming in first quarter of 2011

Research in Motion had announced about their Blackberry PlayBook some months ago and today they have given some updated about it. During their earnings call this week, the company analyst mentioned that the company had no revenue from their upcoming PlayBook in 2011 so which means that with the introduction of PlayBook the revenue of the company would increase in the first quarter of 2011.

So , it shows that RIM is set to launch t

heir BlackBerry PlayBook in the first quarter of 2011 .But the thing to notice is that they mentioned about their fiscal year , so we can’t be sure that it would certainly come in the first quarter of 2011.

As the spokesman of RIM said:

There are no PlayBook revenues included in our Q4 guidance, and we expect the first revenue impact from PlayBook will be in RIM's first quarter

But the interesting thing is that the hopes of RIM are already so high, I mean this launch would not be like of iPad.At this time it would have to compete with many tablet and the biggest names would be iPad and Galacy Tab.And it is also expected that iPad 2 would launch in the first quarter of next year so I hope RIM has some better plan for their BlackBerry Playbook.