Samsung revealing details about Bada 2.0

Well its now one year to the Samsung’s own OS bada which the use in some of their phones like Wave one and two.So , Samsung announced future details of their bada OS on its first year anniversary. Still bada Os for smartphones is no way near to Android or iOS but still samsungs has but some good effort in it and they have satisfied their most customers.

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So , in their developer event in South Korea , Samsung  revealed the first details of bada 2.0 which will be launching next year.It will add lot much functionalities then we have in the current bada version.It would have smartphone worthy stuff mix , better collection of apps with multitasking and web technologies enabled in it.And yes brand new SDK for developers to work in their Mac and Linus too.

Some new hardware would also be introduced to the bada phone next year,  but still I would like to buy Samsung Android phone over bada.