Dell M02M , a successor of Dell Streak or Opus One has spotted

Dell M02M is the latest device that has hit the web and makes it first appearance at the Wi-Fi Allinace. This new tablet device seems to be the new taste of Dell Streak and there is also a possibility that it will be the successor of Opus One. check picture below.

One thing we can say with certainty that it would be entered in the market as an Android member of Dell Products.

Dell Streak came in the mar

ket with the model number of M01M so there are more chances that the Dell M02M will be the new flavor of Dell streak; the wonderful tablet PC with Amazing and interesting facets. This tablet PC is already available in the shelves of T-Mobile and AT&T.
If you make a comparison of new Dell Streak Tablet PC with   the older ones you will notice some improvements. It provides support to some better enhancements. The feature of 802.11n Wi-Fi standard that you missed in Dell Streak tablet will be found in Dell M02M model of Tablet. Additionally, it will also come with Bluetooth because it will pass the certification of Bluetooth soon as mentioned in an article of

Another possibility indicates that the Dell M02M device will be the  successor of Dell Opus one. The Opus one is combined with a 5 inch stylish screen while the successor will come with the a 7 inch screen and this tablet PC was also spotted in September. The configuration of 7 inch device is some what different from that of Opus one so we are still in doubt.

Now we are waiting for CES 2011 when the Dell officially launches its tablet (according to our prediction) and it is also possible that the cover of this device will be uncovered after this event.


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  1. that main picture is actually of the current streak 5 running android 1.6. Do you even do research?

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