iPod Nano DFU mode

Another revolution in iPod nano’s evolution. Hacker Steven has just discovered DFU mode which might be useful to jailbreak iPod Nano 6G (touch). Interestingly, James Whelton has already successfully managed to hack iPod Nano springboard and cache comparison.

iPod Nano Touch DFU mode makes it possible to run custom apps and firmware. It should also me notec that DFU mode is important part for jailbreaking iPhone or o

ther iOS devices. This is yet another big step towards a Jailbroken Nano. James has already mentioned that you can use iPhone games, apps, movies, calendar and much more using it. Steven has modifies iRecovery tool so he can send and test files to iPod Nano 6G. He mentioned that we can send encrypted firmware files to execute, similar to what used in jailbreak the iPhone

You can check out the video here