FaceTime vs Skype Video Calling for iPhone Comparison

Last year with the introduction of iPhone 4 , Apple introduced FaceTime calling feature which was first for only iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 then this features was introduced for Mac and then it came for iPod touch 4G as it also got the front facing camera and it will also come for iPad 2G.But finally Skype for iPhone and iPod touch got video calling feature some days ago now some wonder which one is better.
So , to checkout which video calling app is better for the iOS user , Lifehacker decided to compare these two apps as showed its results in the video shown below.
This test compares the video calling quality of FaceTime and Skype app for iPhone on Wi-Fi so internet connection is not a problem in this scenario. Although the quality of both these apps is good enough but still Apple’s own FaceTime app is little bit better than the Skype.But I think this difference is so less that you’ll hardly notice that.