Geohot Jailbreaks PlayStation 3 With Custom Firmware 3.55, Runs Homebrew [Video]

George Hotz (aka Geohot) the famous iPhone hacker released the PS3 keys this week, and now he has updated his site and posted a video that shows a jailbroken PlayStation 3 on the latest 3.55 firmware, running homebrew.

It’s 5AM, this is homebrew. No release dates as usual.
3.55 firmware
omg omg omg omg no patching lv2
shouts to fail0verflow and psl1ght


first piece of homebrew you can run
put in service mode, put on usb stick, boot

I made a video

You can check out the video at bottom of this post.

Shout outs to fail0verflow found an exploit that could completely open up the PlayStation 3 console. Dubbed as “epic PS3 security bypass” last week.

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