Mac App Store Cracked Open

It has just been a day since the launch of Mac App Store and it has already been cracked open for piracy already, reports Gizmodo. The cracked App Store though, dubbed kickback, wont be available before February 2011, according to the Hackulous member Dissident.

We don’t want to release kickback as soon as the [Mac App] Store gets released. I have a few reasons for that.

Most of the applications that go on the Mac App Store [in the first instance] will be decent, they’ll be pretty good. Apple isn’t going to put crap on the App Store as soon as it gets released. It’ll probably take months for the App Store to actually have a bunch of crappy applications and when we feel that it has a lot of crap in it, we’ll probably release Kickback.

So we’re not going to release Kickback until well after the store’s been established, well after developers have gotten their applications up. We don’t want to devalue applications and frustrate developers.

According to BlogsDNA, a method for defeating Mac App Store’s paid apps DRM is already floating around the web which will allow you to install paid apps for free.

… it is not more than just copying of one Apps resources files (paid app) into other free app.  But amazingly this hack worked for the apps he demonstrated on (Angry Birds & Twitter for Mac).

The method involves deleting some of the folders within paid App package and replacing it with once present in free app package.

NOTE: doesn’t support or promote piracy in anyway. This article is purely for informational purposes only. If you like an app, then please support the developer by buying the app from the App Store.