Microsoft Working on FaceTime Competitor for Windows Phone 7

Obvious the objective of Microsoft towards Windows Phone 7 would be to match the standards of iPhone in coming years and I think their start is not that bad.Looking at the features if iPhone 4 , one of the newest functionality in it is FaceTime calling which was not available with previous iPhone devices.And now mentions that Microsoft is also working on FaceTime competitor for their Windows Phone 7 to get your ex boyfriend back

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Although Steve Ballmer did not mentioned many things about coming update of Windows Phone 7 but Neowin got this information from a key Windows Phone 7 employee who revealed their future plans about the device and soon they will have FaceTime like app for their phone too.
Some would ask why don’t just use the video calling feature of skype rather than working on a different application.But the information source mentioned that FaceTime competitor would “reach beyond the hand of Skype”.Itis also expected front facing camera may become requirement for the Windows Phone 8 devices.We don’t know when the video calling app would come for Windows 7 devices ,maybe it would come with Windows 8.