Windows Phone 7-like photo streaming may appear in iOS 4.3?

You know what is the most common habit in the mobile industry? No? well i think its imitation. A new patent infringement suit appear everyday and mobile industry players seem to run out of ideas. The latest of this imitation therapy, it looks like Apple may be prepping a “Photo Stream” service that sounds a great deal like Microsoft’s Photo Hub.

The concept may not be completely original for Apple but its a very cool idea. Photo Hub constantly watches for images posted by your contacts and continuously updates with new pics as they are uploaded. “Photo Stream,” as it appears to be called in Apple’s iOS 4.3 beta, will basically do the same thing. It will apparently watch for new photos uploaded to MobileMe by a user’s contacts, and then automatically feed them through the app. This looks as though it will be a small piece of a bigger puzzle as Apple continues to make the iOS platform more social.