Automatically Mutes Your iPhone’s Ringer When You Pick It Up

Sometime you face a situation when you are in such a place where you don’t want your phone to ring but sometime you can forget to silence it ringtone. So , recently an app named as SilenceNow has arrived on Cydia which enables you to automatically mute your iPhone when you pick it up.It will save your time as you would not to hit the silence volume button before answer your call.

This app give you amazing benefits and comfort and saves you from facing an awkward situation where everybody looks at you like you are an Alien.

This app automatically detects that your iPhone is in your pocket or not so when it is in the pocket it does not silence your iPhone. So , this avoids false silencing. After downloading and installing this app you can enable or disable it from setting menu.

SilenceNow is available at Cydia for $2.99.