Next iPad would be slimmer, Anti-Reflective, 1.2GHz Dual Core CPU

From past few months many speculations are made about the new features in the next iPad and today another analyst made its prediction about iPad 2.Analyst from Concord claims that iPad 2 will not have a higher resolution display or Retina display as many people are hoping that it would get retina display just like the other iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPad.

The report claims that although iPad 2 will not have a higher resolution display but Apple is focusing on the thickness of the device and also they have worked a lot on it anti-reflection.

The screen of the next iPad is expected to be 30 to 35 percent thinner that of the current version and because of the better anti-reflection it would be better visible in sunlight comparing to first iPad and also this feature is to compete against the e-reader devices like Kindle.

This report also have mentioned that next iPad will have Cortex A9 dual Core processor which a clock speed of 1.2GHz.Its RAM would be of 512MB which is quite enough  for the device like iPad.It is also expected that the cameras in iPad would be of low quality like current iPod touch.