Apple to preview iPad 2 next week

After launching CDMA iPhone 4 on Verizon wireless network , Apple is now set for the launch of 2nd generation of iPad.Reports from MacNotes mentions that Apple may call for the iPad 2 launch event next week.And as mentioned in the previous rumors this iPad would have much more hardware changes then of the current version.

Apple may demonstrate iPad 2 next weeks while they its shopping would start from early part of April.Apart from this Apple is also expected release latest iOS 4.3 and their personal hotspot feature to the public.
Daring Fireball’s says :

The Daily requires a subscription – either $1 per week, or $40 per year. They’re using a new in-app subscription payment system from Apple for this – but these in-app subscription APIs aren’t in iOS 4.2. So The Daily launched today, free for a limited time. They announced at the event that this initial free two-week period was brought to us by: Verizon.

After hearing rumors from past six months the time is finally near us when we would see the 2nd generation of iPad but the excitement is not as the same as was for the launch of the first iPad as now we almost know what’s coming.