LG Optimus Pad hands-on

Fellows at engadget  got their hands on LG’s 8.9-inch, 3D-friendly Optimus Pad (known as theG-Slate in the US). This Android Honeycomb tablets sports a dual-core CPU inside and a dual-camera array outside, giving you both the optical and processing capabilities to produce 3D video. It Pad is really slim, with nicely curved corners, a matte black back cover that’s pleasant to the touch and seemingly durable, and an extremely glossy screen up front.

It carries over a lot of industrial design elements from its smartphone siblings that would include the metallic strip down the middle of its rear branded with a “with Google” logo. The Pad looks to be a straight Google Experience Device, in much the same vein as the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, its nearest and most direct competitors.

Although opening up more apps on the slate seemed bit of an issue but LG still has a bit of time before they put the pad up in the market shelves, so fingers crossed till then.