Times Says No iPhone Nano In The Near Future

The Wall Street Journal’s sources seemed pretty sure that Apple was cooking up a miniature iPhone for release in the near future but according to The New York Times latest report it seems that the iPhone nano’s future isn’t very near.

The Times says Apple is indeed pondering a cheaper iPhone model, but it won’t be any smaller in size. The report does not delve deeply into how Apple might make a less expensive iPhone model, though it does suggest Apple might opt for cheaper internal parts such as a lower-quality camera and smaller memory modules. As for right now Apple has got to finish up its next-generation iPhone which will probably launch in the summer. The device will be approximately the same size as the iPhone 4, the report states, and it may offer more robust voice controls. The Times also says Apple will soon expand its MobileMe services and make them free for iPhone users, which jibes with earlier reports.