Thinner iPad 2 launched with A5 dual processor

In their media event for iPad , Apple launched iPad 2 with many surprices. The new iPad 2 has features like dual A5 processor in it and it is also 33% thinner than the first iPad.Its screen size is same 9.7 inch and no hopes for the smaller iPad.It has both front and rear camera as was mentioned in all the rumors.

Most of the rumors about iPad 2 proved to be true.And in addition to new hardware features now users would be able to do FaceTime calls with the iPad 2 which makes FaceTime call universal to Apple devices.The battery life of iPAd is same as the first one which mean about 10 hours working or 30 days standby.And the rear camera is capable of 720p video recording.

iPad 2 will be availble both in Wifi and 3g versions.And in US both AT&T and Verizon will provide 3G services for iPad 2 ,although the verizon version will be only sold in US.