Samsung reconsidering price of 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab

Original iPad was the one tablet which set the standards for the coming tablets and then within a whole year only some tablets give little interest to the customers and apart from iPad only Samsung Galaxy Tab was the one which impressed some people.And now Samsung plans to launch a larger Galaxy Tab which would be of 10.1 inch but the thing is as the current Galaxy Tab is of $500 so the question is what would be the basic price of 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab.And now when Apple has announced iPad 2 with amazing new feature and still they have not increased its price as price of entry level iPad 2 is $499 just like the original iPad.And because of which Samsung executives think that the low price of iPad 2 will effect their plans and now they would have to rethink about the price of 10.1 inch Galaxy tab which would launch soon.

Original Samsung Galaxy Tab is currently available for $500 which is equal to the price of entry level iPad so it would be interesting how can Samsung come with a good plan to sell larger Galaxy Tab at a price which would be more then iPad 2.