How to avoid accidental deletion of your photos & videos on your iPhone

I think this would have happened to you sometimes that you may delete your files accidentally on your computer or may on your smart phone or iPhone.There are some ways to recover accidentally deleted files in computers but this is not in iPhone.So , the way is to avoid accidentally deleting you files from iPhone.

And now for solving this problem we have a new Cyndia Tweak Photecter which somehow protects your videos and photos in your iPhone from being deleted by mistake.What if actually does you can disable the delete button so that even if you delete something nothing would happen and another way is to have a password for deleting your media.

Well some would thing so whenever you have to actually delete you files then you may have to do some work but that’s the price you may have to pay for saving you photos and videos.This app works on iOS 4.0 and higher on all the iOS devices.You can configure the app from settings.