Angry Bird Rio now available for Android users

One of the most popular game in the smart phone and tablet world is Angry bird and when it got success in the smartphone and tablet world then it was made available for PC and mac users too.With that the company also starting to work on different version of Angry bird and the latest version of Angry Bird is Angry Bird Rio. 

Fist Angry Bird Rio arrived for the iOS users then it arrived on the Mac App Store and now finally Android users would get their hands on Angry Bird Rio.This game is totally different from its previous version as this game has two episodes with sixty different levels and its game-play story is little bit like the Rio movie.

This time dont have to kill pigs or any other thing to pas the level but instead you have to set other birds free which are locked in the cage.Apart from this their are many hidden achievements in the game which you will get by passing the levels.

It is also expected that the game would get an update of another episode later this year.