iPod touch 5 leaked Prototype

Whenever a news comes in the first part of April about some leaked product we always thing that is this true or just a April fool prank. So, today surprisingly there are some leaked images of the next generation of iPod touch surfacing around the web and again we don’t know that these pictures are real of fake.

These images claim that that this would be the next generation of iPod touch which I think is about would be launched five months from now, which shows that a leak at this time is surely possible. The biggest thing to observe in these images is its home button design as this leaked prototype has a capacitive home button.

Previously we had been hearing rumors that Apple may be capacitive touch home button for their iOS devices instead of the current ones. Apart from this the other noticeable thing in this leaked was that it has the capacity of 128GB which is double can the current capacity of the iPod touch available.

There is more chance that these images are fake than real as post designers can easily copy the design of iPod touch and make a news of it.