Google to finance 100$ for new programs on Youtube

According to a news report that Google is planning to open 20 new channels on its acquired website Youtube. Google would be spending a $100 million to develop new programs for these channels. Last month netflix announced its own set of streaming channels, now Google is also stepping up to make different shows for the online audience.

According to a news source that the company would be making low budget program,designed specifically for web and youtbe. Other news source have revealed that Google is hunting for some creative minds and top Hollywood talent agencies for creative ideas for their new programs on youtube. Google is likely to end up making deals with different producers ,directors and production company to make content for their youtube programs.

Seeing the whole idea, it now make sense for Google smart TV, any how most of TV boxes like netflix, apple TV and Google’s smart TV have option to surf on Youtube. So seeing new programs with no subscription charges would be great.