Samaung officially announce Galaxy Tab Wifi version will be of $350

About two weeks ago we had shared with you a news that Samsung will change the price of Galaxy Tab Wifi version to about $350.So , as expected samsung has now officially announced that Galaxy Tab Wifi version will now be available for $350 from their online store and surely this means that retail stores will also sell it with this price.

If you wonder does the change in price has effected its specification , then the answer is no┬áits the same Galaxt Tab which has 7-inch screen , resolution of 1024×600 , Internal Storage of 33GB and front and rear camera with Android 2.2 in it which has the support for flash.

Also I think this is a sensible move by Samsung to decrease its price because with the launch of iPad 2 which is available from $499 if they hadnt decreased it price then its sales could have been effected badly.