UK pricing for Motorola Xoom announced ,£580 for 3G and £480 for WiFi version

This year many new tablets would appear in the marker and one of the new tablet is Motorola Xoom for which many people are excited.Today Motorola has confirmed the launch the pricing of their new tablet in the UK region.This new tablet would first in the UK region and its price would be £580 for the 3G version and the price of only Wifi version would be £480.

Before todays announce of its price , many people expected that Xoom would be available for £600 the 3G version and the wifi version would be of £500 , so its price is £20 less then it was expected.I think this price is may be the result of iPad 2 launch.In this price Xoom would be not a bad deal as it would have a 10inch screen , storage of 32GB and it would have latest Android OS Honeycomb.