Sony Ericsson setting up their own channel in Android Market

One thing about Android handsets which some people like and some people don’t that every Phone company has the opportunity to add their own flavor in their Android Smartphone. And if you have a Sony Ericsson Android Phone then you would have noted something different in your Android phones.

Normally Android phones three different headings at the place where you checkout apps and those three headings are App, Games and My Apps.But now in Sony Ericsson Android phones one new item is added is removed from the list and it is replaced by Sony Ericsson’s own channel where you can find Xperia apps and other apps by Sony Ericsson.

With this change now the Sony Ericsson Android users will have to go to menu for opening their own apps.This can also be a hint that Sony Ericsson will now make their own apps like HTC and Samsung for their Android phones.