Verizon’s inventory shows White iPhone 4 in it

Now that the most of rumors has almost confirmed that Apple will surely launch White iPhone 4 soon and this would happen been within a month. So , the question arises exactly when and how Apple will launch White iPhone 4.And 9to5mac has now revealed inventory list from Verizon which shows White iPhone 4 in it.This means that White iPhone 4 is already in the inventory or it will be here sooner rather that later.

So , after many false alarms that White iPhone 4 will be launched soon , Apple is now finally ready to launch iPhone 4 , and I wonder how would this launch would affect their plans about the launch of iPhone 5 if they were to announce it this year.

The list shared by 9to5 mac shows that shows that Verizon would both launch 16GB and 32GB version of iPhone 4.So , it’s now just a matter of couple of weeks to the launch of White iPhone 4 , I wonder how many people waited for that thing to happen.