Windows 8 may have Portability feature

Some of you may have sometime tried to use their Linux as a portable OS which you install on you USB or any other removable storage. The feature was amazing but the fact is that removable Linux was not that useful as other operating systems. And not there are rumors that next version windows can have portability feature too.

The rumors come from the leaked version of Windows 8 which is currently available for download from illegal sites. This leaked version is almost the same as current version of Windows but some experts have noticed some changes in it.And this windows has an option called Portable Workspaces, which allows dump the copy of Windows on a 16GB storage device or more.

Not too much is known about this feature till not as we don’t know how many copies could be created and whether it will expire sometime or will it can be copies on the Hard disk like a ghost image.Well whatever the case this feature can be experimental for now and may be Microsoft may be launch Windows 8 with this features.