Angry Birds Easter now available for Android

Angry Birds which is now surely one of the most popular game in the mobile platform.Because of the great success of their game Ravio now almost launches an update or a newer version of their game.So , for this season Ravio has launched the Easter update of Angry Birds which is the latest seasonal edition of the Angry Birds Seasons.And it is now available in Android Market.

This update obviously also has arrived for the iOS users too , even those who are using it on iPad , but this time Ravio has this time not delayed the Android update of the game.

The experience of the game is almost the same as is of the usual Angry Bird game but it has a theme of Easter in it as it has lots of eggs and bunnies in it.So , the wait for those people is over who had finished all the levels of their Angry Bird game like me and now get the updated version and get ready to kill the pigs and get some eggs for Easter.