Apple suing Samsung for Galaxy Tab,Galaxy S and other stuff

According to a recent report by Wall Street Journal Apple Incorporation is suing another well know technology company Samsung intellectual property violations on a host of devices. To be clear Apple is suing Samsung because Apple thinks that Samsung does not innovate new stuff but instead they just copy whatever Apple is making.

If this news is true then I think this could be because of the fact that whatever device Apple launched Samsung comes up with a device like that but sure Apple’s device are more popular than that but still come people could say that they use the Apple’s ideas. If we look at the stuff if Samsung which somehow has some properties of Apple products are their latest Android phone like Galaxy S , Nexus S and Epic 4G they all kind of have menu interface like of iPhone. Then we have Galaxy Tab which launched after iPad and their latest slim laptop which is like MacBook Air.

Both the companies have not publically talked about it in public but if this is true then we may hear about this from both the parties in the coming future.