White iPhone 4 spotted with Test iOS version

Now that it is almost confirmed that White iPhone 4 would be launch soon , may be till the end of this month an image and  a video shown by Tinhte shows a different look of iOS version running on White iPhone 4.By looking at the image we can see that White iPhone 4 has capacitive home screen button replacing its previous push button.But the real changes that can clearly be spotted in the look and feel of the iOS version shown in the image.

The image shows the new mullitasking interface on the White iPhone 4 prototype , which to me looks quite nice as all the apps are visible very clearly on the screen of White 4.You can also select the same view as of the current iOS by selecting it from your settings.Apart from this other new thing to be noticed is that this image has a new search option on the top of screen which to me looks little bit unusual on iOS device.

Later after this image was shared it was discovered that this is not test version of iOS 5 but instead it was test verion of iOS 4 and then Apple decided not to go for the features shown in this image.May be we have have these new features in the coming versions of iOS.